Detail description on how to

purchase logs on bitotal.

We have created a step by step procedure for your convinience.

Step One

Use coinbase to purchase bitcoin.

Bank transfer or credit card purchase are not available on logs yet we are encouraging users to use an online conversion platform like coinbase.

  1. Set up and verify your account with the information provided.
  2. Deposit via bank transfer, debit card or wire transfer.
  3. Buy bitcoin with your desired amount of fiat currency.
  4. Wait for the transaction to confirm and the balance with appear on you wallet.
Create a coinbase account

Step Two

Send your bitcoin to bitotal.

Now you have bitcoin on your wallet. Send it to bitotal exchange to purchase logs.

  1. Set up and verify your bitotal account with the information provided.
  2. Go to funds > deposit & withdraw.
  3. Click the green plus button the put the btc amount then click create new address.
  4. Copy the bitcoin address then go back to your Coinbase account wallet.
  5. Paste the address you copy on bitotal to your Coinbase bitcoin wallet and click send.
Create a bitotal account

Step Three

Now you are ready to purchase logs.

At the moment logs are only paired on bitcoin.

  1. Go to trade.
  2. Locate bitcoin/logs trading pair.
  3. Place your desired order amount.
  4. Click the buy button. Wait for you order to filled up.
  5. Once the order is filled up. Logs will show on your log exchange wallet.

Step Four

Secure you logs on Qt-core wallets.

Logs are recomended to be keep on your own wallet where you are the only one to have access to your private keys.

  1. Go to Funds > Deposit & Widthdaw.
  2. Locate Woodcoin wallet.
  3. Click the red minus button.
  4. Place your Woodcoin qt address and the amount to widthdraw.
  5. Then click the widthdraw button.